Are bed skirts outdated?


A: Yes! If your bed rests on a boxspring and metal frame, a bedskirt is a must for hiding the “skeleton” of your beautiful bed. Don’t panic though! The frills and ruffles often associated with bedskirts are a thing of the past.

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Simply so, are bed skirts in Style 2019?

In 2019, you can expect to see tailored bed skirts come back into style, Riordan says. But these won’t be the frilly floral or lace beasts our grandmothers deployed. Instead, you’ll see sleek, gorgeous bed skirts in supple neutrals extending all the way to the floor. Now, no one can spot your under-bed storage.

Also, what color should your bed skirt be? A solid color is a versatile choice for a bed skirt. If you select a light color such as white, pink, yellow, or another pastel, be sure that the bed skirt is lined or made of a heavy fabric so that light does not show through from under the bed.

Thereof, what can I use instead of bed skirt?

7 Best Bed Skirt Alternatives

  • A simple fitted sheet.
  • Making Your Own.
  • Wrap-Around Bed Skirt.
  • Velcro Bed Skirts.
  • 5. Box Spring Wrap.
  • The Diversity of Curtains.
  • A Super Simple Flat Sheet.
  • 30 Examples of Bedrooms with a Ceiling Fan.

Do you have to have a bed skirt?

Most new mattresses don’t require a box spring but rather rest on top of a platform-style bed. Therefore, it’s not necessary to use a bed skirt to cover a box spring. If you want to use under-bed storage or have a bed frame that doesn’t align with your style, a fitted bed skirt is a stylish, inexpensive bedding option.

Should your bedskirt touch the floor?

Some people love it touching the floor whereas others want it a bit higher may be 0.5 to 1″ or so. So there is no ideal answer for it. So when you order a bed-skirt, first measure it from under the mattress to the floor and then order with that drop length.

Can you use a bed skirt without a box spring?

It hides the metal frame and conceals anything you might have hidden under the bed. Most bedskirts have fabric at the edges with a solid white panel in the center that fits between the mattress and the box springs. If you have a bed without a box spring, there are still ways to create a bedskirt.

How do you get a bed skirt to stay in place?

Non-Slip Grip

Non-slip or grip pads designed to keep rugs in place also can keep your bed skirt put. Cut a roughly 1-foot-square piece for each box spring corner and its center. Position the bed skirt as usual, and then the mattress. The added grip should end the slip.

What is the latest trend in bedding?

One of the most popular bedding trends for 2020 is the use of bold, striking patterns in stark shades of black and white. Use neutral accents and simple accessories to keep your space feeling relaxed and breezy, or mix and match with additional prints for a bold, eclectic look.

What do you cover box springs with?

A fitted sheet is the easiest solution, but there are also official box spring covers out there, from places such as West Elm (below), Pottery Barn, and Lands End, among others. Some of you have also suggested finding a bed skirt and carefully tucking it under the box spring.

Are bedspreads out of style?

Bedspreads are lightweight, so are best for summer use, or used over a blanket in cooler weather. Although you still commonly find bedspreads in hotels, they are somewhat out of fashion for home use. Bedspreads are especially good for guest rooms, or for any bedroom with a retro style.

How can I hide my bed frame without a bedskirt?

If you want to dress up your bed but find dust ruffles a bit fussy, consider slipping a fitted sheet over your box spring for a streamlined look. Even a mismatched fitted sheet could work — spicing up the color or pattern combos on the bed.

How do you hide a box spring?

Use a Fitted Sheet

For a streamlined look, use a sheet that matches those on the bed. If you want to offset the rest of your bedding, cover the box spring with a fitted sheet in either a matching pattern or contrasting hue.

How do you make a bedskirt for a queen size bed?

On average, a queen is approximately 60×80 inches and a king is approximately 76×80 inches.
  1. Measure for the Bed Skirt. Measure the space between the floor and the bottom of the mattress — this is referred to as the drop.
  2. Trim Fabric Panels.
  3. Iron the Fabric To Set Hemline.
  4. Sew the Hem and Seam of Bed Skirt.

Do bed skirts cover box springs?

A modern, decorative solution to a traditional bed skirt is a box spring cover. The box spring cover covers the side of the box spring, and easily stretches over your box spring or bed base without lifting the mattress.

What is a wrap around bed skirt?

The simple, yet sophisticated tailored bed skirt is great for any style of bed, including headboards, footboards, adjustable beds and more. WrapAround Wonderskirt Tailored Bed Skirt features deep pleats to fit any bed, with mitered corners that stay locked in place for a neat and custom-tailored look.

Is a dust ruffle the same as a bed skirt?

A dust ruffle is sometimes called a pettiskirt or bed skirt. It is actually a decorative cover placed under the sleeping mattress and on top of the box spring. It also keeps dust from getting underneath your bed.

How do detachable bed skirts work?

Why do you need Velcro Detachable Bed Skirts

It attaches with Velcro to a special dust ruffle platform that fits over your box spring under mattress. Detachable bed skirt easily attaches and detaches with Velcro, taking all the work out of laundering your bed skirt. and Make the life easier.

How do you make a bedskirt out of a flat sheet?

Easy No-Cut, No-Sew Bed Skirt
  1. Take your mattress off the bed temporarily.
  2. Spread a flat sheet the same size as your mattress over the box spring and center it in place.
  3. Go around the bed pulling up the sheet until the hem just touches the floor — gathering excess to the upper side of the box spring.

How long should your bed skirt be?

1. Buy the right size bed skirt for your bed.
Bed Size Typical Bed Skirt Dimensions
Twin 39 inches wide x 75 inches long + 15-inch drop
Full 54 inches wide x 75 inches long + 15-inch drop
Queen 60 inches wide x 80 inches long + 15-inch drop
King 78 inches wide x 80 inches long + 15-inch drop

Can you wash a bed skirt?

Bed Skirts and Canopies

Check the fabric-care label directions first to make sure they are machine washable, and wash on a cold cycle to avoid damaging the fabric. Believe it or not, your washer should be washed, too.

What is the point of a bed skirt?

A bed skirt or valance is a piece of decorative fabric that is placed between the mattress and the box spring of a bed. The purpose of a bed skirt is to give a stylish appearance to a bed without exposing the sides of the box spring or any space under the bed that may be used for storage.