How to Choose a High Leg bikini bottoms with coverage?

high leg bikini bottoms with coverage

High Leg bikini bottoms with coverage used to be a trend among French women who believed back then that a woman’s legs are one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. For some, today, the high waist to waist ratio may appear to be a problem but in actuality, it is one of the easiest ways to balance both volume and balance.

Before the introduction of the high waist to waist ratio, bikini swimsuits were designed with a small piece of material that is attached to the top of the costume and sits atop the breasts. This material prevents the overexposure of the breasts whilst still allowing them to appear vibrant. The material is generally attached with two pieces and the top has two snaps to attach it to the bikini bottom. With the trend of so many people sporting the revealing swimwear today, the designers have wisely included the option in the design of the tops as well. Today you can find every colour, print and design home made so if you are making your purchases on-line, this option will be an even better option to choose.

high leg bikini bottoms with coverage

High leg bikini bottoms with coverage

The tops can be worn as tops, boobies or spaghetti straps. Depending on your body shape, you may find that some colours are more flattering than others. Tops can also be worn as a halter top, strapless, or with horizontal straps. As tops, they can be worn with leggings underneath or they can be worn with jeans. You can generally purchase these products from local costume stores and if you choose, you can further alter and personalise it so that it matches your personality. The tops are generally made from soft materials such as cotton as this will ensure that your top fits perfectly. Often you will find that there are no elastics attached, which enables the wearer to achieve a comfortable fit without the straps slipping down.

High leg bikini bottoms with coverage tummy control swimwear is a huge trend today. These swimsuits are designed to flatten the stomach area while maximising the bust and showing off the pelvis. A tummy control tankini blended with a bikini bottom is perfect for achieving a perfect fit. The trick to finding the correct swimsuit for your figure is to first to check out your shape. Each body type will suit different swimsuit designs. For example, if you are of the petite frame, a halter neck bikini top will suit you better as this will elongate your neck and properly disguise your smaller bust. A tummy control swimsuit that is made from a spandex and Lycra blend will only serve to maximise the impact of your stomach and can make you look out of shape. If you select a bikini then the fabric is typically more profitable and will move the overall message to your good points rather than hide your problematic areas. Finally, if you have a bigger bust ask for a higher neckline to create cleavage and create bustier cleavage that will show off your assets and balance your overall look.

Swimwear that caters to certain swimsuit needs is often overlooked, but those who don’t know the swimsuit yet tend to ignore these types of swimwear. If you are purchasing swimwear for a physical activity, then you probably want the addition of built in support and functionality into your selection. There is no point in choosing a swimsuit that may be unflattering for your body if you are considering buying a swimsuit for a summer time swimming or snorkeling trip. Similarly, if you are considering buying swimwear for any intense physical activity, you may want your swimsuit to prevent you from incurring injury.

Hottest summertime trends for 2012

Wearing a bikini does not mean you have to hate the way you look.  Ever hear the saying a woman is in control…  No means no means no when it comes to bikini season!  See what your favorite celebrities will be wearing along the beautiful beaches of the world this year.

high leg bikini bottoms with coverage 1

High-leg bikini bottoms

My absolute favorite toppers this year would have to be high leg bikini bottoms with coverage.   In fact, I’d go as far as to say they’re the absolute best toppers of all time!  See, not only do they get the attention, they alsoalking around the beachon all those perfect surfboards…  With a phenomenal array of high leg bikini styles to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect topper for your body.

Here is a sample of the sexy styles available this year:

– high leg bikini bottoms with coverage that show off your assets- Outrageous low rise bikini bottoms that show off your stomach- Shaping,roping bikini lines-  string bikini that shows off your backside

Admit it – you’ve been dying to try some of these hottest styles but have been too fascinated with “what if” questions to give it a go…  Without exception, high leg bikini bottoms are by far the most desirable of all bikini styles.  Make hippy doors at the beach and doors at the crib open for you!

Additional details:

  • Designs come in a variety of reveals – front, back, stitching, detailed, padded, shaped, standout, Pocket, Fighting, loop, strings, rush, thong, or crystal.
  • Fabric – there are numerous fabrics for the string bikini, so choose your favorite depending on the heat of your personal climate.
  • Quick dry fabrics are used for the bikini, so make sure you know the fabric that will keep you cool throughout the competition and at the bar when you’re dancing.

Of course, the absolute best place to look for high leg bikini tops and styles is the internet – no one has time to go out to shops can they?  You’ll find some great bargains on the internet.  Especially try to get some great terms from the retailers.

Regardless of your body type or tastes, ensure you choose the high leg bikini that fits you the best!  Measure yourself, check out the pictures of the specific brand and look at a full figure comparison to see which matches your expectations.  Choose a brand that you are already familiar with – whether it’s got a great fit, a sexy high cut or it’s also very feminine and sassy.

Obviously, the most crucial factor in choosing a high leg bikini is the fit.  Often the high leg bikini will fit better on the curved shape of the hip, bottom, and thighs, while the others can be a bit tighter up top.

Whatever your body type, always remember to choose a suit that fits your body properly.  Choosing a size that’s too big will simply drown you, but choosing one that’s too small will look horrible on you.

If you’re thinking about starting a shopping venture for sexy swimwear, check out the amazing assortment of high leg swimwear you’ll find online.  Why not visit It’s got the best selection of all different brands of sexy swimsuits.  As a matter of fact, they have the best selection of any online swimsuit store on the internet.

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