How much does Dryvit cost per square foot?


Cost of Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic Stucco Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Installation Cost $252.00 – $384.00 $360.00 – $516.00
Total $372.00 – $576.00 $528.00 – $768.00
Synthetic Stucco – Total Average Cost per square foot $3.95 $5.40

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People also ask, how much does it cost to stucco a 2000 square foot house?

Stucco Labor Cost The three coats of stucco needed for a 2,000squarefoot house (1,431 SF of siding) will cost $3,330 to $4,320 to apply depending on whether you want a sand float or trowel finish.

Also, how much do they charge per square foot? Divide the cost by the square footage to find cost per square foot. For example, $1,200 divided by 2,000 square feet equals $0.60 per square foot.

Also know, how much does stucco cost per square foot?

Stucco generally costs $6.00 to $9.00 per square foot to install. The materials cost about $9.00 for an 80-pound bag of mix, which will cover about 25 square feet at 3/8” thickness. Finishing coat stucco costs $17.00 to $22.00 per bag, but as the finishing coat is thinner, you will need fewer bags.

How much does EIFS cost?

EIFS is one of the most economical systems available, with an estimated material cost per square foot at $0.86 and installation cost of $5 to $6, which compares with the cost per square foot for brick at $1.25 with an installation cost of $8.50.

Does smooth stucco finish crack?

Smooth stucco products can achieve a natural hand-applied appearance over a properly prepared brown coat substrate. The result will have a natural variation of color and texture, and small cracks from the curing process and normal building movement.

Why is stucco bad?

Stucco does have its advantages over traditional siding materials, but it also has some downsides. Stucco is considered one of the cheaper types of siding because it is low on expensive materials. Much of the cost is the time-intensive labor. Stucco can be damaged quite easily.

Does stucco add value to a home?

Stucco is a durable and reliable siding material that can increase the value of your home. It’s three coats are layered together to provide your home with a seamless home exterior. From curb appeal to cost savings, there are many benefits to having stucco siding installed on your home.

Is it cheaper to stucco or siding?

Stucco is a well-loved siding option because of the energy efficiency it brings to a home. When it comes to cost, stucco siding is among the most expensive siding options. Stucco costs between $6 and $9 per square foot.

What is better stucco or siding?

Stucco is much more durable than vinyl siding. Fairly durable material, but can be physically damaged. Stucco is much better choice for energy efficiency compare to non-insulated siding. Non-insulated vinyl siding do not have any insulation ability.

How much does it cost to side a 1700 square foot house?

Siding Cost. The average homeowner pays between $5,000 and $14,050 for siding to be installed on their home exterior. Vinyl siding costs about $0.90 to $2.50 per square foot compared to fiber cement at $0.70 to $5.25 and brick at about $3.50 per square foot.

How long does stucco last?

80 years

Which is cheaper stucco or brick?

In addition to being recyclable, brick is a cheaper material than stucco although installation and repair costs are more expensive than that of stucco.

How many square feet does a bag of stucco cover?

Read the instructions on the bags of stucco to determine how much a bag will cover. In most cases, a single five-pound bag will cover 30 square feet. In order to determine how many bags you will need for the job, divide the square footage of the surface by the square footage each bag will cover.

Can you DIY stucco?

Stucco is made from Portland cement, sand, lime and water—so it’s a completely natural product with no negative environmental impact. You can make your own stucco by buying the components or buy it premixed, so all you need to do is add water.

What temperature can you apply stucco?

40 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the cheapest siding for a house?

Metal siding is the next cheapest (including aluminum siding prices), then wood siding, and finally stucco. While the prices vary depending on the model, availability, market and season, vinyl can come in as cheap as $4/sq. ft. whereas cedar siding can be as much as $8/sq.

Is it normal for stucco to crack?

Stucco is by nature hard and strong, but it is relatively thin and brittle and will crack when subjected to stresses that exceed its tensile strength. There are two fundamental types of stresses that cause stucco cracks—internal and external. Internal stresses are due to the natural curing and drying process of stucco.

How much does synthetic stucco cost per square foot?

Cost of Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic Stucco Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Installation Cost $252.00 – $384.00 $360.00 – $516.00
Total $372.00 – $576.00 $528.00 – $768.00
Synthetic Stucco – Total Average Cost per square foot $3.95 $5.40

How often does stucco need to be replaced?

Stucco is a durable and great-looking exterior finish, but it isn’t invincible. Ideally, stucco should be painted every five to ten years. It’s important to paint and perform other stucco maintenance on the right schedule to keep your home looking great and to prevent hairline cracks from growing larger.

Does Home Depot sell stucco?

Quikrete 80 lb. Base Coat Stucco-113980 – The Home Depot.

Is acrylic stucco better?

The consistency of color is very good with acrylics, even in darker shades. Colored cement stucco can be “fog” coated, which is a good method to improve the color consistency in cement finish coats. APPLICATION: Stucco is a natural cement-based material; acrylic finish is a synthetic man-made coating.