What frequency do invisible fences use?


Invisible fence uses radio carrier frequency 7.5khz and 10.8khz with a 30hz modulation frequency. The broadcast area would only have to be about 3 feet or so.

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Moreover, what frequency does PetSafe use?

The PetSafe system broadcasts at 10.65kHz thru the perimeter wire as an antenna.

Beside above, how do you change the frequency on an invisible fence collar? How to Switch Frequencies on the Invisible Fence for Dogs

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the protective cover from the back of the central transmitter. Locate a switch labeled sw1.
  2. Inspect the dog collar to determine if the radio frequency is preset or adjustable.
  3. Set the radio frequency so both the central transmitter and receiver match.

Similarly, how do I know if I have an invisible fence?

How to Find Buried Invisible Fencing

  1. Make sure your invisible fence is plugged in and turned on. You should see an indicator light on the radio transmitter unit confirming this.
  2. Find the radio frequency that your invisible fence is using.
  3. Walk through your yard with the AM radio tuned to the correct radio frequency.

Will any collar work Invisible Fence?

For the most part there is no compatibility between brands. So the Innotek IUC-4100 collar will not work with any other system, and in particular will not work with an Invisible Fence system. The single exception is the SportDog and PetSafe. Invisible Fence denotes one brand of underground pet containment system.

How do you make an RF choke for an invisible fence?

Use an RF Choke (Innotek in-ground systems only)
  1. Unplug the wall transmitter from the 110v wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect both yard wires from the wall transmitter.
  3. Wrap the yard wires around the choke leads (one to each) near the cylinder. (
  4. Plug the Choke leads into the wall transmitter.

How do I fix my PetSafe transmitter?

PetSafe RF-125 Transmitter Repair
  1. Check that the replaceable fuse on the back of the device is not blown, and if it is replace it.
  2. Make sure your transmitter is the issue by performing the short loop test.
  3. Unplug your transmitter from the AC adapter and disconnect the fence and ground wires.
  4. Look for damaged electrical components.

What frequency do dog collars use?

You can get a collar with a frequency of 220.125, and one with a frequency of 220.126 if you want to. There is plenty of room for lots of collars on a given channel.

Can a dog run through an invisible fence?

Dogs often run right through invisible fences in the heat of the moment, but to cross back over that line means that they’ll get a painful jolt—a prospect that leaves some too scared to return. Real fences and positive training methods in which dogs are rewarded for good behavior are humane and effective.

How long does Invisible Fence battery last?

3 months

Why is my invisible fence collar blinking green?

If you have a wire break in your underground dog fencing, the blinking green light (or steady green light) will go out and an audible warning will sound. The signal is adjusted by the digital range control on the transmitter to create a signal field on each side of the wire.

Why does Invisible Fence beep?

If your Invisible Fence control panel is beeping every second, the most likely issue is that you have a wire break somewhere on your property. If your Invisible Fence control panel is beeping with a lengthy pause between each beep, it’s possible your backup battery unit needs to be replaced.

Does an invisible fence have to make a complete loop?

The electric fence does not need to be a complete loop to shock. The electric fence charger sends out current to the electric fence wire about once a second to the wire. it runs down the wire to no where, The animal touches the wire, current flows into the animal, and back in the soil to the ground rods systems.

How do you troubleshoot an invisible fence?

How to Troubleshoot an Invisible Fence
  1. Check the pet collar first.
  2. Adjust the electrical shock that your pet receives if your unit allows.
  3. Check for a break in the underground wiring of the invisible fence.
  4. Check the underground wiring for an actual break in the invisible fence.

How do I adjust the Invisible Fence intensity?

The collar will beep or blink in series to indicate the new shock level. Press the button again within 5 seconds to raise the level once more. Continue until the collar indicates it is at the correction level you desire. To lower the correction level, continue pressing the button; the level will cycle back to 1.

What gauge wire does Invisible Fence brand use?

eXtreme 14 Gauge Wire = 20+ Years of Performance

eXtreme Dog Fence 14 gauge solid 100% copper core wire is the strongest wire that is recommended for any brand or model of underground pet containment fence.

How long can a dog wear an invisible fence collar?

Never leave the receiver collar on your pet for more than 12 consecutive hours and remove the receiver collar from your pet when indoors for the comfort of your pet.

Does Invisible Fence work for big dogs?

Invisible electric fences are often less costly even when professionally installed. Adaptability. While traditional fences work well on flat or gently sloping yards, invisible fencing works on almost any terrain. Also, electronic fences can cover acres of ground in any pattern to create large exercise areas for dogs.

Can I install my own invisible fence?

An Invisible Fence* system can cost $2,000+. You can do it yourself for about $300. We can help. This free guide, shows you how to install an underground electric dog fence comparable to pros like Invisible Fence * for a fraction of the cost.

How do you train a cat on an invisible fence?

Basic Flag Training
  1. Place boundary flags around the perimeter of your yard to mark your cat’s boundaries.
  2. Set your cat’s collar to tone only mode.
  3. Walk your cat towards the flags.
  4. Lead her back into the yard, away from the flags, to teach her not to go past the flags.
  5. Be ready for your cat to bolt back to the house.

How do I remove the receiver from my PetSafe collar?

AshleighM from PetSafe

You would simply use the test light tool wrench that came with your system or small set of pliers to unscrew the metal contact points from the receiver unit. Once these are removed the washers and strap will come off easily so that you can switch out the strap.

How do you reset an invisible fence transmitter?

Resetting the system can be as simple as replacing the batteries in your transmitter. Bring your dog inside, and turn off the power to the fence. Unplug the transmitter. Look for metal objects around or on top of the fence.