What is block advantage?


Block Advantage determines whether an attack is unsafe, neutral, or safe, and how much longer it will take you to recover than your opponent. Safe attacks have a block advantage below at minimum -5, unsafe attacks have a block advantage at -6 or lower, and neutral attacks have a block advantage of exactly 0.

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In this regard, what does safe on block mean?

Safe on block is a phrase referring to a move that an opponent can’t punish if they block it. This can be primarily determined through frame data, though there are other factors that can affect whether a move is safe or not, such as hitbox data and push back.

Furthermore, how do you calculate frame advantage? Frame advantage is a comparison of the recovery times between the two players.

For reference, blockstun lasts:

  1. 10 frames for light attacks, +2 on wrongblock.
  2. 16 frames for medium attacks, +4 on wrongblock.
  3. 22 frames for heavy attacks, +6 on wrongblock.
  4. 28 frames for crush attacks, +28 on wrongblock.

Similarly one may ask, what does plus on Block mean?

Plus on block and minus on block refer to how fast you’re able to act relative to your opponent after an attack connects. For example, as the attacker, an attack that leaves you at +2 means you’re able to act 2 frames sooner than your opponent is able to.

What is safe on block mk11?

No safe on block means the string or move you did if the opponent blocks it, it doesn’t leave you negative on block and punishable. There are moves and strings that are not safe and if they are blocked your character is unable to block for X amount of frames leaving you open for a combo punish.

What are block strings?

A block string is a series of attacks that is blocked. Block strings give the attacking player multiple opportunities to apply mix-ups, and are essential to applying pressure.

What is a rekka in fighting games?

“Rekkas” come from Fei Long’s “Rekkaken” special move, the first rekka in a fighting game. A “rekka” is a special move with multiple hits that requires multiple inputs to perform (although not the same as a command run).

What does meaty mean in fighting games?

Meaty is a term used to describe a move that is executed just as the opponent is waking up. There are multiple reasons as to why you would use a meaty attack, and they vary from game to game.

What are plus frames?

Plus frames describes a situation where you attacking your opponent actually gives you a frame advantage. This frame advantage means if you and your opponent threw out a move that had the exact same startup speed, you would beat out your opponent and land the hit first.

What is Blockstun?

Any hits that connect during your Hit Stun are considered a hit that combos on you. And Block Stun is the concept that, when you block an attack, you are stuck in the block pose for a while. Any attack that connects on you during Block Stun is considered a true Block String.

What are active frames?

Active frames is how long the move stays to land a hit. Recovery is how long it takes to start another move. Adv on hit is how much time you have left to do something before the opponent can do something.

What is frame data?

Frame data is something that advanced players use to help improve their skills. Frame data gives you all the information you need to know about any given attack, while frame rate is the speed at which the game runs (generally 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second).

What are recovery frames?

Recovery frames are the amount of frames you have between the end of the hit and the recovery to your normal stance. Block advantage is the recovery frames between the hit and the recovery to normal stance if the opponent blocks.

What is framing in networking?

Computer Network | Framing In Data Link Layer. Framing is a point-to-point connection between two computers or devices consists of a wire in which data is transmitted as a stream of bits. However, these bits must be framed into discernible blocks of information.

What is a frame trap?

A frame trap is basically leaving a gap in a combo/block string where an opponent can start an attack. The idea is to get your opponent to mash a button during that time but the move not finish its start-up frames. Your next attack registers as a counter hit and you go from there.

What is frame data Smash?

In layman’s terms, frame data is how quickly a move is executed. A character with bad frame data will execute moves slower than others which means it’s easily telegraphed and a savvy player can avoid it or counter it.

What do frames mean in fighting games?

Frame. The frame is the standard unit of time in a fighting game. As the name implies, it is a single ‘snapshot’ of animation. Most modern games run at 60 frames per second; thus, a frame is usually 1/60 second long.

What are plus frames in fighting games?

Positive frame count refers to a blocked attack that allows the attacker to return to a neutral state a certain number of frames before the opponent can leave blockstun and retaliate.