What is Coolcrete?


Kool Deck® concrete topping was invented by Mortex in 1962. It is a beautiful surface for swimming pool decks, walkways, patios and virtually any foot traffic area. Once applied, it generates a colored, textured cement surface that is as strong as the base concrete.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is Cooldeck?

It’s a topping applied over a stronger concrete base. This special material can be applied to a concrete structure while it’s curing in order to significantly lower the exterior surface temperature.

Subsequently, question is, how does cool deck work? Applied to freshly poured concrete, Kool Deck creates a colored, textured concrete surface that the manufacturer says is as strong as the base concrete. lowers the surface temperature of concrete by around 20 degrees, more than any other deck material. withstands thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete.

Beside above, how much does Kool Deck cost?

Supply Cost Professional contractors at Backyard by Design estimate that Kool Deck costs roughly $3 to $4 per square foot when installed over existing concrete.

How long does Kool Deck last?

Kool Deck does not last long in areas with freezing temperatures as the water and ice start to lift the coating. As a general rule, Kool Deck withstands 70 freeze-thaw cycles before breaking down. Your new Kool Deck will last for many years while maintaining its cool, anti-slip surface.

How do you clean a cool decking pool?

Kool Deck and Solement surfaces can provide years of beauty and durability, but does require cleaning on a regular basis. Surfaces should be cleaned by using strong soap and water and a nylon bristle broom to scrub the surface and then rinsed clean with a garden hose.

What is spray deck made of?

SprayDeck and Texture-Crete are both made from a cementitious material mixed with a liquid resin and sprayed onto a concrete surface with a hopper and a gun, just as you see with drywall,” says Rich Cofoid, national sales manager for Increte.

How do you fix a crack in a cool deck?

How to Fix Cracks in a Kool Deck
  1. Clean the surface of your Kool Deck with a garden hose power nozzle to remove dirt and loose cement from the area.
  2. Soak the repair site in addition to the entire area surrounding the damage with plain water.
  3. Wear rubber gloves, goggles, a face mask and protective clothing while preparing muriatic acid.

Does Kool Deck have asbestos in it?

Kool Deck has asbestos in it and therefore must be removed by a professional.

What is acrylic decking?

Spray on acrylic decking is a material that adheres to the concrete deck of your pool to add protection as well as beautify the look of your pool. Typically, the spray is made from a mixture of portland cement (made from limestone and clay), sand, and modified acrylic resin.

How thick is Kool Deck?

The Kool Deck surface should be 1/8” thick.

What is best material for pool deck?

Poured concrete is the most popular – and usually most affordable – pool decking material. Concrete pool decks can be either broom finished or stamped. Broom finishing creates a standard concrete look. Various color options are available, too.

Can you repaint Kool Deck?

Kool Decks are most often used near swimming pools, walkways and outdoor patio areas. The Mortex Corporation recommends the use of Systex Deck Paint when painting over your Kool Deck.

What is the coolest pool deck surface?

Another great option for your pool deck is marbella stone. The pavers look gorgeous as part of a pool deck design, the natural stone complementing any and all styles of back-yard landscaping. The porous nature of this natural stone makes the pavers slip resistant as well as cooler than most other deck surfaces.

How much does RenuKrete cost?

RenuKrete is a home services franchise that provides floor and deck resurfacing solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. With a total investment range of $85,000-$177,000 it is a low investment opportunity; no storefront location needed, low initial equipment and inventory needed, and few staff to get started.

Can you stain cool decking?

While there is no way to use a traditional stain on a Kool deck, there are several different options for painting the deck to coordinate with nearly any poolside color scheme while adding durability to the surface.

How long does it take for spray deck to dry?

Depending on the temperature, substrate, or exposure to the sun, you can begin to knock down material with a trowel as soon as the material is sprayed. Test surface for dryness — the surface may be dry in approximately one (1) hour.

How do you apply cool deck paint?

Simply mix one gallon of acrylic paint (your color choice) to the kit and apply with an ordinary 3/4 in. nap paint roller to a clean, prepared surface. Cool dries within 30 minutes. Apply a second coat.

Can you paint cool deck around pool?

Paint can fill up the texturing in the cool deck and make it slippery, which is not a good thing around a pool. Pool chlorine also will bleach the color from the paint, leaving little white spots all over your deck. Concrete stain has some of the drawbacks of paint but overall is a better choice.

What is acrylic lace pool deck?

• Upgraded Surface – What we know as acrylic lace today used to be known as “kool deck” or “cool deck”. The surface we lay down is an upgraded hybrid pool deck surface that lasts longer and is easier to update than those old surfaces. Not to mention, it does not include asbestos like those old surfaces did.

What are the best pavers for around a pool?

What are pool deck pavers?
  • GRANITE PAVERS: Granite is also a beautiful natural stone.
  • BASALT PAVERS: It is popular and elegant natural stone.

What is spray deck for pools?

Spray Pool Deck. SprayDeck is a new way to resurface unsightly concrete at a fraction of the costs. SprayDeck is a textured decorative cover-up that goes on top of the unsightly concrete to create a rich, textured, non-skid surface.