What is HydroLuXe at Massage Luxe?


In combining the innovative technology of dry water massage with the soothing effect of heat therapy, HydroLuxe allows warm water hydro jets to hit the underside of the bed. MassageLuxe massage therapy spas offer high-quality, affordable massage services in a comfortable, relaxing and upscale environment.

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Hereof, what is HydroLuXe massage?

January 29, 2016 ยท The HydroLuXe dry water massage consists of jets of warm water striking the underside of the natural rubber bed in regular circular motions to massage the body. # hydroluxe.

One may also ask, how much is the Revive Package at Massage Luxe? $35 for a 60-Minute Massage and a 15-Minute HydroLuXe Massage at MassageLuXe ($89 Value)

In this manner, how much is an hour massage at Massage Luxe?

Massage Luxe prices start at $55 per hour for members, while non-members pay $74 hourly for most treatments. MassageLuXe offers first-time sessions at $38 for deep tissue, prenatal, or Swedish massage. Also, your first hot stone massage, aromatherapy treatment, reflexology session, or trigger point therapy costs $48.

Do massage luxe gift cards expire?

MassageLuXe/FaceLuXe does not accept certificates or cards from any third party seller(s). The underlying funds on gift cards and gift certificates do not expire and cannot be redeemed for cash (except in those states that require redemption for cash). Valid at participating MassageLuXe/FaceLuXe locations.

What’s a body to body massage?

A body to body massage is a combination of a full body massage using your hands and a massage using your body. You can use different parts of your body for the body to body massage and get very creative. You might also want to invest in some massage oil.

How much is a good tip for a massage?

The standard hospitality rate for massage tipping is 20 percent. For example, if a massage or body treatment costs $100, a 20 percent tip would be $20.

What do they do in a full body massage?

A fullbody massage usually includes your arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck and back, your stomach and buttocks. The area around the breasts is usually massaged but not the breasts themselves. You can always say you hate having your breast area or buttocks or whatever touched.

What is dry hydrotherapy?

Dry hydrotherapy (dry water massage) is a form of therapy that combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single system. The purpose of Dry Hydrotherapy is to provide the therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage in a single system without the inconvenience of getting wet.

What is HydroLuXe session?

The HydroLuXe dry water massage consists of jets of warm water striking the underside of the natural rubber bed in regular circular motions to massage the body. Our staff will help guide your first session and after that we know you will be hooked!

How much is an aqua massage?

Aqua massage is actually a very affordable massage option! The cost for a 20 minute massage is $25, 30 minutes for $35, and so on. Also, monthly massage plans are available at an even greater discount.

Does MassageLuXe do walk ins?

With a wide selection of alternative services at this spa, you can choose your service of choice. Banish stressed and tensed muscles with a relaxing and beneficial massage. Your beauty appointment is now or maybe later. This spa readily accepts all walkins.

What is Massage Luxe?

The mission of a MassageLuXe Spa is to deliver the highest quality massage, facial and waxing services in an environment that is both luxurious and relaxing to all of the guests. MassageLuXe Spas deliver the highest standards in a membership based business and are on pace to become the industry leader.

How much is a Swedish massage at Massage Luxe?

Massage Luxe Price List
Service Price
Swedish Massage $40.00
Deep Tissue Massage $40.00
Prenatal $40.00
Hot Stone $50.00

What does a deep tissue massage do?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

How do I cancel my massage luxe membership?

Members may cancel their reoccurring billing by visiting their home Spa and signing a Cancellation Form, or by calling the Spa and making a request to have the Cancellation Form emailed to them.

What does Swedish massage mean?

Swedish massage is the most commonly offered massage technique, utilizing a firm or lighter pressure on the muscles. It will involve long yet gliding strokes. Swedish massage is mainly used to increase blood flow, easing tension in the body’s muscles and improving their flexibility.

What are massage services?

There are several types of massage that focus on different parts of the body or healing approaches. During a massage, a massage therapist will apply gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of the body to ease pain and tension. A massage therapist is a person trained in giving massages.

How much is a massage at massage?

Massage Envy Introductory Prices
Service First Time Prices
60-Min Wellness Massage $50
90-Min Wellness Massage $75
120-Min Massage $100
60-Min Facial $50

How do I activate my luxe gift card?

To activate this gift card, SMS ACT <space> <16 Digit Card Number><space><Card Pin> to 9704200300.

How do I check my massage luxe gift card balance?

Massage Luxe Gift Card Balance
  1. Check Balance.
  2. Call 877-321-5893.
  3. Shop at Massage Luxe.