What is the plot of the story stolen day?


In the short storyStolen day” a young boy discoves that he can get out of school by faking a condidtion that is very bad and would be caught if he was a baby. When the mild conflict came into play he decided to skip school or go home sick because he didn’t want to do homework or school work.

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People also ask, what is the theme of stolen day?

The theme of “A Stolen Day” is man vs. himself. The reasoning for this relies on the boy’s thoughts in the story. He made himself believe he had the disease because of his desire to miss school.

Also, what does the main character in stolen day learn? In the short story called “The Stolen Day” by Sherwood Anderson, the main character lies about him having a disease that causes his muscles to ache. The main point of this story was to teach you not to lie because people will just find out and you will or could get in trouble.

Also Know, what is the climax of stolen day?

Climax: While he is fishing he thinks about whether or not to tell his family, and he decides not to because he thinks they will laugh. He tells his family about the inflammatory rheumatism and they start laughing, so he runs upstairs crying.

What does the last line from stolen day say about the narrator?

C. The last line from ‘Stolen Daysays about the narrator that he was feeling embarrassed by his family. The narrator’s worst fear of being laughed at and being embarrassed by his family members had come true and he was at the center of their mockery again.

Who is the main character in The Night the Bed Fell?

There are seven main characters, including James (the narrator) and several other family members such as his mother, father, two brothers, cousin, uncle, three aunts, and his grandfather.