What is TWS tool?


Main Description. IBM® Tivoli® Workload Scheduler (TWS) is an automated workload management solution that helps On Demand business effectively manage and operate mission-critical applications within a secure, fault-tolerant and scalable IT infrastructure.

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Also question is, what is TDWC?

Products can be integrated to schedule and monitor from a single point of control with the use of a Java console called JSC (Job Scheduling Console) or in the latest versions with a web based user interface called TDWC (Tivoli Dynamic Workload Console). It was renamed Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS).

Similarly, what is OPC in mainframe? OPC (OPERATION PLANNING AND CONTROL) OPC is also called as TWS Tivoli Workload Scheduler. USE : It is used to create or maintain records.

In this way, what is IBM Tivoli used for?

Tivoli Systems is an IBM-owned company that develops software that allows a business to manage its computing environment. In a large organization, keeping track of and upgrading computer equipment and various levels of operating systems and applications is a formidable task.

Who owns TWS?


What does Tivoli mean?

Tivoli in British English

(ˈt?v?l? , Italian ˈtiːvoli) a town in central Italy, east of Rome: a summer resort in Roman times; contains the Renaissance Villa d’Este and the remains of Hadrian’s Villa. Pop: 49 342 (2001) Ancient name: Tibur.

How does netcool work?

Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is a service level management (SLM) system that delivers real-time, centralized monitoring of complex networks and IT domains. This information can then be: Passed to helpdesk systems. Logged in a database.

What is ITM agent?

Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents. Monitoring agents are data collectors. Agents monitor systems, subsystems, or applications, collect data, and pass the data to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal through the monitoring server.

How does Tivoli Monitoring Work?

It describes how this integration works and the IBM Tivoli Monitoring components involved. The collected data is then retrieved and displayed by a component called Tivoli Enterprise Portal. The Tivoli Enterprise Portal is a user interface for viewing and monitoring your enterprise network.

What is netcool used for?

Overview. IBM Netcool Network Management helps communication service providers, enterprise data centers, and networking staff to discover, visualize, detect, configure, activate, integrate and remediate your network.

What is TSM server?

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (IBM TSM) is an enterprise class backup and archiving application. IBM TSM, like all enterprise backup software products, is designed to make copies of an organization’s data to protect against data loss.

What happened to Tivoli?

Tivoli Software. IBM bought the company and ran the operation as its Tivoli Software division. Additional products were acquired and run under the Tivoli portfolio brand. IBM began phasing out use of the Tivoli brand in 2013 and by 2016 had moved the portfolio products into a revised and rebranded hierarchy.

What is Tivoli Monitoring?

Product overview

IBM Tivoli Monitoring monitors and manages system and network applications on a variety of operating systems, tracks the availability and performance of your enterprise system, and provides reports to track trends and troubleshoot problems.

Where does the name Tivoli come from?