Which refrigerant is a direct drop in replacement for R 12?


Replacements for R12

The best replacement for R12 is considered to be R-134a. The chemical name of R134a is tetrafluoroethane and it chemical formula is CF3CH2F. It is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and has zero ozone depletion causing potential and very low greenhouse effect.

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Consequently, which refrigerant is a direct drop in replacement for R 12 for retrofitting mobile air conditioning systems?


Additionally, can you still buy r12 refrigerant? R12 is difficult to find now a days. It was phased out all the way back in 1994 and was replaced with R-134a. There are very few places where you can actively buy R-12 today.

Considering this, is 134a a drop in for r12?

At the present time the preferred replacement refrigerant for R12 is HFC RI34a. However, R134a is not a ‘drop-in’ replacement for R12 because there is a need to change the compressor lubricant and expansion valve. Changing over from R12 to R134a can therefore be an ex-pensive and time consuming procedure.

Can you replace r12 with r22?

R12 and R22 are both now banned by the EPA in the United States. Other more environmentally friendly alternatives exist, but even those cannot be changed in air conditioners or other refrigeration units with R12 without a thorough cleaning of the unit.

What is the replacement for R 12?

Replacements for R12

The best replacement for R12 is considered to be R-134a. The chemical name of R134a is tetrafluoroethane and it chemical formula is CF 3CH 2F. It is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and has zero ozone depletion causing potential and very low greenhouse effect.

What is the best replacement for r22 refrigerant?

The best replacement for R-22 Freon is usually R-407c. It has a very low loss in capacity (0 – 5%) relative to R-22 and is less expensive than many other R-22 replacement refrigerants. If a system has R22 in it already you cannot use a replacement refrigerant to simply add to the R22.

Can I use r134a instead of r12?

The oils are different and not compatible and can cause an explosion. R134a is also a smaller molecule than r12 so if you HAD a small leak with r12 that you did not fix you have an even bigger leak now. R134a is so much smaller than r12 that it will leak right through the older hoses used for r12.

Can I mix r22 and r134a?

Using R134a in Systems Designed for R22

If you have a home or auto air conditioner designed to work with R22 refrigerant, and the system needs a recharge, a number of issues prevent the direct substitution of R134a. R134a has a lower thermal conductivity than R22, so an R134a system needs a larger heat exchanger.

Can r134a replace r12?

The R134A as a replacement for R12

As a result, replaced with other refrigerant gases out of which one is the R134A. Unlike the R12, the R134A contains hydrogen and fluorine molecules which is why it is known as HFC rather than CFC. Using the R134A prevented the damage to the ozone layer.

What happens if you put r12 in a r134a system?

This is because R134a doesn’t cool as well and needs a larger area to dissipate heat and is charged to higher pressures. That said, the oils used by R12 and by R134a are different and not compatible. If mixed, they form an acidic sludge that is bad for the system.

How do I change my car AC from r12 to r134a?

How to Convert an R12 to the R134a System
  1. Discard any R12 refrigerant still in the system by taking your vehicle to a licensed air-conditioning professional.
  2. Open the engine compartment of your vehicle.
  3. Push the high side retrofit R134a fitting over the old fitting and use a wrench to tighten it.

What is r416a used for?

A blend of R134a and R124. Used for medium temperature refrigeration or for automotive as a drop in refrigerant.

Can I mix r12 and 134a?

A: yes and no.. yes you can get a port adapter and put some 134a in the system but that doesn;t mean that it will work. chances are that the front seal is leaking and 134 will actualy leak faster then R12. as you use it the front seal “might” close up some.

How can I vacuum my AC without a pump?

We have developed a method of removing the air from a system without the use of a vacuum pump. The method requires the installation of an access valve on the high and low side of the system. 1 – With the new compressor installed, turn on the compressor and depress the access valve on the high side of the system.

Can AutoZone recharge AC?

When it’s time for an AC recharge, turn to AutoZone. We carry R134a refrigerant, PAG46 oil, AC stop leak, AC system cleaner, and more. You can shop online for same day in-store pick up or go to your local AutoZone to find the right AC solution for you and your vehicle.

Do I need to add oil when recharging AC?

You normally do this when recharging the system after replacing one of the major components. This is tricky. The service manual normally tells you how much refrigerant oil should be added with each major component replaced on the AC system. Off-the-shelf cans sometimes come with refrigerant oil in them as well.

How do you flush an auto AC system?

How to Flush :
  1. Remove Refrigerant. Recover all of the refrigerant according to local requirements/laws.
  2. Dismantle AC system and remove components not being flushed.
  3. Dismantle the system components being flushed.
  4. Evaporator .
  5. Start flushing.
  6. Component reassemble / replacement.
  7. Purge the system.
  8. Vacuum, leak test and recharge.

Do I need to add oil after evacuating AC?

Above all, only trained and licensed professionals should work on AC systems. That way, there’s no risk of doing any damage to the system, or letting refrigerant vent into the atmosphere. To answer the question title, yes, you will have to add oil to the new refrigerant.

What refrigerant will replace r134a?


Is r134a toxic?

The Environmental Protection Agency considers R134a fairly benign, reports that toxicity is very low for acute and subchronic inhalation, and does not consider R134a a developmental toxin, or genotoxic.

Can you mix r12a with r12?

R12a is a “drop in” replacement for R12, but IS NOT the same. It is a mix if different refrigerants (sometimes propane, hence the flammable concern) that will work in a system designed for R12. If your system just needs a top off charge of a few oz.