Who are the main characters in chocolate fever?


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  • Henry Green. the main character who loves chocolate-Protagonist.
  • Dr. Fargo. Henry’s doctor.
  • Mrs. Kimmelfarber.
  • Lefty and Louie. the people who highjack Mac and Henry.
  • Lefty and Louie. the people who hijack Mac and Henry.
  • Alfred Cane. the person who cured Henry.
  • Michael. Henry’s friend.
  • Mr. Pangalos.

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Just so, what is the conflict of chocolate fever?

Conflicts. The chocolate fever becomes the antagonist when the fever infects Henry and causes him to have brown chocolate spots all over himself.

Secondly, who is the illustrator of chocolate fever? Robert Kimmel Smith

One may also ask, is there a cure for chocolate fever summary?

Henry bluffs them by telling them that his chocolate fever is a contagious and deadly disease, and they allow him to escape. Plant owner Alfred “Sugar” Cane recognizes Henry’s illness and explains that the only way to cure chocolate fever is by eating the opposite of chocolate: vanilla.

What is the theme of chocolate fever?

Humor is the main theme of the book, and it keeps the reader smiling, even in parts that are sad or Page 2 scary. Sense of self is also a theme as Henry learns self-control and pride in himself. Most children like chocolate.

Is there a cure for chocolate fever genre?

So much so, that he made medical history when he contracted the only case ever of “chocolate fever“. Then he finds himself caught up in a wild, hilarious chase, climaxed by an unusual hijacking. This lighthearted tale sure to satisfy chocolate lovers everywhere.

Chocolate Fever.

Genre Fiction
Pages 96

What genre is chocolate fever?

Children’s literature

Is chocolate fever a movie?

Chocolate Fever is an 2019 American computer-animated adventure comedy film based on the book of the same name by Robert Kimmel Smith. The movie title is directed by Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman from a screenplay by Phil Lord and Rothman and a story by Lord.

Who wrote Chocolate Fever?

Robert Kimmel Smith

Who is the author of chocolate?

Chocolat (novel)
First edition cover
Author Joanne Harris
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Doubleday

What reading level is the Chocolate Touch?

Then one day, John finds a strange coin on the sidewalk and uses it to buy a box of chocolate at a mysterious new candy store. Suddenly, everything John’s lips touch turns to chocolate!

The Chocolate Touch.

Guided Reading Level N
Lexile® Measure 770L
DRA Level 30