Who is the real Lola Calvo?


La Lupe

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Considering this, who was Lola Calvo in real life?

La Lupe

Subsequently, question is, who did Lola Calvo marry? In New York City, Lupe performed at a cabaret named La Berraca and started a new career, making more than 10 records in five years. She married a second time, to salsa musician Willie García, with whom she had a son.

Secondly, what did Lola Calvo die of?

Fania re-released her records on their Tico labels during that decade, and many of her records went platinum throughout Spain and Latin America. She died in the Bronx of a cardiac arrest in 1992 at 53 years old and was survived by her husband William Garcia, their daughter Rainbow, and her son Rene Camaro.

Who is Lola Celia friend?

Rocío Jurado

What happened to La Lupe’s children?

Struggling to support two children, she tussled with depression and drug addiction, injured her back in a fall and finally had a fire in her apartment, which left her homeless. She died in 1992, almost as impoverished as when she was born.

When did La Lupe die?

February 29, 1992

Who was Celia Cruz rival?

La Lupe aka La Yiyiyi, born Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond (Santiago de Cuba, 23 December 1936 The Bronx, New York, 29 February 1992), was a Cuban-American singer of several musical genres: boleros, guarachas and latin soul in particular.

Who is Celia Cruz best friend?

Celia Cruz’s Longtime Friend Reveals Why the Salsa Legend Never Returned to Cuba. Manu Manzo was just shy of two years old when she posed in a photo with one of her abuela’s best friends.

What did Celia Cruz die of?


Who sang in Celia?

Celia (2015 TV series)
Opening theme “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” by Celia Cruz
Country of origin Colombia, United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1

Who is Celia Cruz sister?

Gladys Bécquer
Dolores Ramos

How many episodes of Celia are on Netflix?

80 episodes

Where is La Lupe buried?

St Raymond New Cemetery, New York, United States

Where is La Lupe from?

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Who plays Celia Cruz in Celia?

Jeimy Osorio

Is Celia on Netflix a true story?

All 80 episodes (each 45 minutes long) of “Celia,” the Spanish-language telenovela produced by Fox Telecolombia, based on the life of Cuban singer Celia Cruz, are now available to stream on Netflix, with English subtitles! Jeimy Osorio in her role as the young Celia Cruz in ‘Celia.

What did Pedro Knight died of?


When did Lola Flores die?

May 16, 1995

How old is Lola Flores?

72 years (1923–1995)

Was Lola Flores a gypsy?

Lola Flores was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, on 21st January 1923. Her sister, Carmen Flores, was also a very popular Spanish singer. Although she was thought to be only part gypsy, she strongly identified with the Spanish gypsy culture.