Will Golden Malrin kill skunks?


No, Golden Malrin Fly Bait is not labeled for use in the killing of skunks. Using this product in that fashion is both illegal and dangerous.

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Likewise, people ask, will fly bait kill a skunk?

Agents posed as customers in hardware and farm supply stores, asking how to get rid of skunks or raccoons. In about a quarter of cases, the salespeople recommended fly bait. One store even had a sign: “Golden Malrin®—Kills Groundhogs, Opossums and Raccoons—One cup fly bait and one can regular coke.”

Also Know, will Golden Malrin fly bait kill coyotes? Golden Malrin will take care of coyotes and anything else that eats it!

Besides, will Golden Malrin kill raccoons?

Golden Malrin is not designed to kill raccoons; it is designed to kill flies.

How do you dispose of Golden Malrin?

Plastic Container Disposal: Triple rinse (or equivlent). Then offer for recycling or reconditioning or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill or by other approved state and local procedures.

How do you mix fly bait and Coke?

A few tablespoons of Golden Maldrin fly bait on an ice crean pail lid. Pour about 1 cup of Pepsi, Dew, Root Beer, etc on it and mix it up with a stick. You want liquid, not paste. Just set it anywhere you have seen evidence of Coonage.

Is fly bait poisonous to dogs?

Methomyl is a broad-spectrum carbamate insecticide sold as a restricted-use, crop insecticide or as a non-crop, “fly bait” insecticide for residential use. As a result, accidental ingestion of this insecticide has resulted in acute poisoning in non-target species, such as dogs and cats.

Will fly bait kill rats?

Yes, GM will kill anything that eats it, and it will also kill anything that is eaten by whatever it kills. It’s dangerous stuff, and I would not use it if there are children around. Get some “Just one bite”. It is very safe, rats love it, and it is unlikely that anything will get sick or die from eating a dead rat.

How do you make fly bait?

Mix two tablespoons of an ingredient such as honey, syrup or raw sugar with two to three tablespoons of water and add it to the bottom of the bottle. Then, add a few drops of vinegar to the mixture. For added bait, you can also throw small pieces of sugary fruit like apples or pears to the bottle.

Will rat poison kill groundhogs?

Poisoning Groundhogs

There aren’t really any specific groundhog poisons that have been formulated to kill the animals, but using other poison such as rat poison will still kill the groundhogs, as the substance is toxic enough to kill most small animals of that size.

How do I get rid of raccoons?

If you’re just dealing with adult raccoons, you can DIY their removal by trying bright lights and loud noises (like a loud battery-operated radio in the attic or fireplace) to scare them out. Also, try placing a bowl of cider vinegar at the base of the chimney — it’s a smell raccoons find foul, so they’ll run from it.

What is in Golden Malrin?

Starbar®Golden Malrin® Fly Bait. Active Ingredients: 1% Methomyl, 0.049% (Z)-9-Tricosene. EPA Reg. # 2724-274. An easy-to-use fly scatter bait, Starbar®Golden Malrin® begins killing flies immediately after ingestion.

How does Golden Malrin kill?

Golden Malrin® Fly Bait’s two-phase action knocks out nuisance flies quickly and effectively. First, Muscamone® fly attractant draws flies in. Then, as they feed on the sugar-based bait, the active ingredient, Methomyl, delivers the final blow, killing flies after they ingest it.

Will Golden Malrin kill deer?

Answer: Golden Malrin Fly Bait will treat for horse and deer flies.

Will bubble gum kill raccoons?

Racoons will find it and pull it out. We’ve also been using strawberry and grape bubble gum to kill groundhogs and woodchucks. Break a piece up into 3 or 4 bites and lay it around. It plugs them up and kills them because they apparently can‘t vomit it up.

What do you put in a trap to catch a raccoon?

You can use several types of baits or foods to catch raccoons in a cage trap. Any meat-based bait, like cat food, or grain-based bait is fine. But I personally recommend marshmallows because sweets won’t attract stray cats or skunks as easily.

How do you kill a raccoon with methomyl?

Setting out a bowl of cola mixed with methomyl fly-bait granules kills problem raccoons — and also kills every other animal that happens to drink the poison. Methomyl, in most formulations, is a restricted-use pesticide that’s only sold to certified pesticide applicators.

What bait do you use to trap a raccoon?

Sweet corn is good, and so is white bread. But my favorite, and the best type of bait to catch raccoons is marshmallows, in my opinion. They’re easy to use, sweet, and have that round, white visual appeal that raccoons love.

How do you kill a groundhog?

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs
  1. Bait the groundhog into a trap, catch it, and then release it in a wooded area five miles away from your home.
  2. Create vibrations in the ground to scare them away.
  3. Smoke them out of their tunnel.
  4. Pour ammonia down their tunnel.
  5. Deter with garlic and pepper.

How many litters do raccoons have a year?

Nine weeks after mating, female raccoons will give birth to a litter of one to eight babies with a typical litter containing three to five. A female raccoon gives birth once per year although in cases where a litter of babies is lost early, a second litter may be produced in its place.

Is Coyote poisoning illegal?

Not only inhumane and banned in most parts of the United States, the method is a dangerous one because of the poisons involved. Sufficient protection and precaution is a must while using this method. However, the use of poison for the purpose must be avoided and it is always better to look for other means.

How do you use fly bait granules?

Tips for Use:

Scatter application: Scatter the bait directly form the container onto dry level surfaces so that the individual granules lie near each other without forming small piles. Bait stations: Place Granular Fly Bait in any bait stations. Secure bait stations at least 4 feet above the ground.